Global ERP Solutions, Inc.

Consulting Solutions

The contributions of a few key people can make the difference between deficient projects and successful ones. GERPS’ Oracle consultants assist organizations with the skills and experience needed to move projects forward. Our expert Oracle consultants often become trusted advisors to your Oracle Team. Typically, we provide assessments, management consulting, workshops, functional and technical Oracle consultants.

We maintain a network of highly motivated consultants who aim to succeed together with their business partners. When seeking the right candidate for a specific project, we look first to a network of expert consultants whose business knowledge, skills, and levels of job performance are proven. The number of potential candidates and the care we provide in selecting each individual allows us to find consultants whose experience and commitment match an organization’s precise Oracle needs.

We focus on quality—not quantity—of candidates so you don't have to spend hours wading through resumes and conducting fruitless interviews. We do the background work before providing a select number of qualified candidates.

Although GERPS has significant expertise and experience in manufacturing environments, we provide consultants whose breadth of knowledge spans across the entire Oracle eBusiness Suite, Application Servers, Databases, Tools, Methodologies and Languages. Our consultants continue to broaden their knowledge with continuous education to meet the market’s changing demands.